FlowNetMaster Website is Live ...

Oxford Engineering and Software is pleased to announce that FlowNetMaster website is now live

Oxford Engineering and Software is pleased to announce that FlowNetMaster website is now live. FlowNetMaster is a model based design software for thermal-hydraulic systems. It supports drag and drop user interaction in order to build thermal-hydraulic flow networks. FlowNetMaster includes a signal library that accommodates simple control logic (e.g. on/off, PI, PID) in order to provide simulation capability for closed-loop systems.

FlowNetMaster also supports a database for standart components (e.g. pipes), users can add their own components to the database. FlowNetMaster is specifically built from the ground-up with the productivity of large engineering teams in mind. It supports distributed version control through a git server in order to support simultaneous work of engineers on the same model and its associated sub-models. Our apporach can accommadate highly non-linear workflows that practically occur within large scale engineering teams, therefore we are aiming to reduce the number of design iterations and cut the cycle times by at least 30% with respect to a baseline condition wherein no such distributed version control scheme is offered. Engineers can automatically generate .pdf reports with a few clicks. Data export to third-party software such as Microsoft Excel is also supported.

Please register with the website in order to stay up-to-date with FlowNetMaster and please contact with us in order to tell us how we can better suit your needs for thermal-hydraulic system design. Our software is built with most up-to-date software engineering design practices and therefore it is easily extensible into many other domains as well. We can offer you tailor made solutions.

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