FlowNetMaster Pre-Release Version Coming Soon

FlowNetMaster is currently under development and rigorous testingFlowNetMaster is currently under development and rigorous testing.

FlowNetMaster is currently under development and rigorous testing by our multi-disciplinary team of experts and external advisors including veteran field engineers and PhDs. Software results are being verified against the open literature and user experience is being enhanced. Good news is that we are approaching completion. Therefore to celebrate this occasion, we are indeed quite pleased to offer a fully functional pre-release version to a select number of users in the near term for a steep discount of 75% with respect to the list price of the first release.

Users of the pre-release version will also be fully qualified to receive updates (including the first official version) within the next 12 month period as a part of our software maintanence service at no additional charge. Individual and site licensing options are both available under this special offer. Should you have any further inquiries about the pre-release version and how you can qualify to become eligible for this offer please do not hesitate to contact with us.

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