Development History

Here you can learn about FlowNetMaster development milestones.

We have started developing FlowNetMaster from the ground up in the second half of 2016 with practical (industrial) fluid flow and heat transfer applications in mind. Along the road we have past many important milestones to offer you a powerful, user-friendly and collaborative model-based design and simulation software. This history is therefore a testimony as to how FlowNetMaster became a fully capable design and simulation software.

  • Unsteady solver (handles transient events).

    2019 Q1

  • Heat Transfer

    2018 Q4

  • Compressible solver

    2018 Q3

  • Extension of hydraulic and thermodynamic libraries.

    2018 Q2

  • Distributed version control capability

    2018 Q1

  • Database development

    2017 Q4

  • A GUI prototype ready

    2017 Q3

  • Enthalpy based solver (handles, bi-directional flows with a stream variable approach)

    2017 Q2

  • Thermo-dynamic library base development (handles variable thermo-physical properties)

    2017 Q1

  • Object-oriented version coded in C# with constant fluid properties

    2016 Q4

  • A steady-state incompressible pipe network solver in a procedural programming language

    2016 Q3

  • Project start with a seed fund

    2016 Q2